SAVÀ is a play on words, it takes its name from its creator: Samantha Lamonaca, writer and stylist based in Milan, and also from the way of saying “ça va” in French dialect. It’s an experiment.
An experiment in fashion, designed and created for women.

The brand is born with a desire to reinterpret vintage, feminine silhouettes and create unique pieces with a sophisticated modern touch. The rich fabrics have been chosen for their luxurious appearance and everyday wearability. Each fabric is the result of aesthetic research, inspired by art, architecture, and design.

“Savà is a tribute to all the women who have inspired me. I’ve always been surrounded by strong personalities and women who are very feminine. Let’s see how it goes.”

The collections are designed in Milan and crafted between Milan, Brescia and Valsesia; Italy. Every skirt, bermuda or knitwear is designed as a timeless garment that can be worn almost year-round. The collections consist of a limited number of pieces, in order to support costs, reduce waste, and to make our garments unique and precious.

For this summer, 2021, besides our Made-to-order pieces we introduce the holiday dresses in collaborations with Saheli Women, an independent non-profit social organization founded by IPHD India in 2015, that's fighting for female empowerment of rural Rajasthan area, through fashion.

Together, we merged our two worlds and we worked on a limited edition capsule: our new Sunshine Dress. A true blend of Italian design and ancient Indian craftsmanship.