Sunshine Dress project

Besides our Made-to-Order pieces we introduce the holiday dresses in collaborations with Saheli Women, an independent non-profit social organization founded by IPHD India in 2015, that's fighting for female empowerment of rural Rajasthan area, through fashion.


At the heart of the Savà x Saheli Women relationship is our passion for the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, and supporting existing local techniques. Our is to create pieces that bring value to the ideas of artisanal heritage and culture, as well as women’s social development.


It all started during lockdown, in March 2020, when – with a lot of spare time to play with and no certainty about the future – I decided to throw myself into a project that beckoned travel and discovery. 

What followed was a series of long phone calls over Skype and subsequent WhatsApp messages, where I worked closely with Madhu Vaishnav – the director and founder of The Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD), as well as the founder of the Saheli Women’s Center. 

Together, we merged our two worlds. So geographically far apart yet closely united by the common goal of developing the ethical fashion landscape. And that’s how our first collaboration was born. 

A limited collection of dresses (just 77 pieces) for summer, for the holidays we’ve dreamt of throughout this year. The Sunshine Dress: traditional and light in natural tones and fabrics. A true blend of Italian design and ancient Indian craftsmanship. 

Every dress that’s sold will support the Saheli Women project and the village the girls live in, as well as their education. The initiative will also help finance artisans, dressmakers, embroiderers and the development of the Center: fair wages; fair trade; health and education; learning opportunity.


The Saheli Women collaborate with international brands who strive for greater awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion, and above all with those who practice slow fashion – forgoing the pace that’s damaging to both people and the environment. Savà is the first Italian brand to work with the organisation, and I’m incredibly happy to be able to support this project and be able to share with you all this initiative that’s faraway but close to my heart.